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LAU MEU is a prestigious student simulation leadership program with the mission of giving the Lebanese High School students and the community at large the opportunity to deeply explore the European Union through various dimensions. This program enables students to understand the strategic geographic potential of the EU Member States; as well as, their thriving economic and human capabilities. It also focuses on promoting the idea of cooperation and teamwork that is reflected through the interdependence among the EU Member States at the commercial, cultural, and social levels.``


All students who adhere to the attendance policy will receive a Certificate of Participation. Also, to show appreciation for the esteemed advisors’ cooperation, school’s registered official advisors will also be recognized with an Advisor’s Certificate.
In addition to that, students with a distinguished performance can receive: Best Position Paper Award, Diplomacy Award, and/or Secretary General’s Award. Schools with the highest ratio of awards with respect to the size of their delegation receive the Best Delegation Award.
Awarded students who decide to enroll in LAU for their higher education, will receive a specific amount of scholarship.